Monday, March 5, 2012

My tuxedo nails

Hey guys! I havent done any nail art since the last time I posted something about my nails. Sorry I don't have any watermark on my photos because I lost everything on my computer so I dont have all the programs I ued to use anymore.
Anyway I saw this nail designs on Youtube by cutepolish and decided to try it out because she made it look so easy.

-What I did was first I painted my nails white as a base color. I used Sinful color in snow me white
(This is my favorite white nail polish btw)
-Secondly I waited for the white polish to try and then I went in with a black striper polish and made a V shape then filled in the outer with black polish with a toothpick.
-Thirdly I added a bow this will take some steady hands but I just did an X with my striper polish then filled in the rest to make the bow.
-Lastly I added 2 buttons as dots.

Then top coat to make it all shinny then I was done, Warning, I would wait for the polishes to dry before you put a top coat because it can spear your art work.

It would also be need to add red bow instead of a black bow to change some stuff up.

I hope you guys like this look!


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