Thursday, October 20, 2011

Calgon Refreshing Body Mist- Red Velvet

From my yesterday haul, I got a body splash, which I heard from  michele1218 and, Calgon body mist- red velvet. That's right I said it! Red Velvet Body splash =).   I am a big fan of foody/ bake good smells. I love anything that smells like cake/vanilla/ Vanilla frosting!  When you first spray it on I can really smell the " Cream cheese frosting", then it tone down after 30 seconds into a sweet yet subtle red velvet cake smell. It also have a slight musk to the smell which is nice because it wont be sicking sweet smell where it would give you a headache because it is very light. You cant really over spray this body mist, I sprayed maybe 10 times over my body and it smells exactly the same if I sprayed only 5, this is another reason why I love this! Every one nose is different and pick up different scent but over all I am a huge fan of this smell.  Im also a huge fan of Bath and Body works Summer Vanilla in Lemon but they discontinued it. The only bad thing about the Red velvet one is that it does not last long at all. Maybe 1-2 hours max ( With massive amount of spray) but its so cheap I would just layer on more once the scent is gone. This is why I love the Summer Vanilla in lemon because that scent literally as me 8 hours easy. This cost me about 6.99 but they have coupons on Calgon website for $1 off.

Overall I highly recommend this if you like dessert/vanilla smell.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rite Aid Haul

Hey ladies! I went to Rite Aid yesterday to check out some new nail polishes because I haven't bought any in a while.  I saw that Revlon was having 40% off their regular nail polish lines and as well as their other cosmetics.  I picked up 2 colors from their metallic line and I absolutely adore these colors! 

The colors I picked up were:
-Copper penny: This polish color looks just like a copper penny but with silver flecks in them which gives you a foil like finish.
- Gold Coin:  this is a gold color with silver undertone. Sometimes I see gold and sometimes I see more silver;  I think it really depends on the lighting.  This also gives you a foil like finish.

The last thing I got was a body splash from CALGON in Red Velvet! I will do a review on this soon.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

L'Occitane en provence Hand Cream

Hey Ladies, today I will do a small review on my new favorite hand cream.  I recently got this from Sephora about 3 days ago and I couldn't  be more happier with my purchase.  I got this hand cream because I wanted a good quality hand cream where it would moisturize without feeling greasy .  This cream sink into your hand almost instantly which was one of the key perks about this product; it did not leave any greasy film behind which I find a lot in other hand cream.  My mom has very dry hands which cracks and bleed as well so I hope this hand cream will continue to amaze me because I will definitely get this for my mom for Christmas.

I only got the traveling size tube, which is around $10 for a 30ml ( 1 oz). The biggest size they have is 5.2 oz for $26.  Yes, I know its a little pricy but I promise it will be worth it and plus you only need a small amount ( about a pea size, anything beyond that will be too much).  This product is infused with 20% Shea butter and I believe this the important ingredient to the hand cream.. Yes I can just go get Shea butter which will be cheaper but it will be too greasy to my liking.  This is a very thick cream as you can see in the photo I provided below. The smell is uber amazing! If you're a fan of baby Johnson baby ( pink bottle) lotion smell then you will love this because it smells very similar if not identical to that.  I love the packaging . It reminds me of tooth paste and the consistency is around the same.  This product makes your hands really baby bottom soft =D.  It lingers on your hand for a long time even if you wash your hands multiple times through out the day.  I really hope you guys enjoy this review and check out the product. You can get this at Sephora or at their store.  l'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

Monday, October 10, 2011

Summer flower nails

Hey Ladies! This was one of the nails I did over summer but never posted on here. Sorry I've been MIA ( missing in action ) lately . I am at my final semester at my University and I did not bring a lot of nail polishes so I wont be painting my nails very much.  I will return doing more nail art when I get back home and reunited with all my polishes =D

 Anyway I hope you guys like this nail art I did.  The key in achieving this look is small strokes for the flowers and layering the colors to give it more dimension.

Stuff I used:
Base Color: China Glaze Lemon Fizz
Acrylic for the flowers
1/10 size brush from Michaels