Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Essie-Lady Like swatch/review

Essie Lady like is from one of their newest collection ( not latest) called Essie's Carry On collection. Out of all the colors this one is the only one that drawn to me. At first I thought maybe I already have something similar to this but then being a polish addict as I am I got it anyway even though my friends told me NO MORE nail polish hahaha. They just dont know how important nail polishes are to me hahaha...
I would describe this color as a muted dusty rose/a hint of purple/grey base undertone. This is a creme color with no shimmer or anything to it. When I first bought it home, I thought to myself... hmm this is not a special color.. no wow or pow factor but when you put it on your hands it makes your hands seems so delicate looking. So " pure" if you catch my drift =).

This color only needed two coats, it applied very smoothly which was surprising to me because usually I have troubles with my Essie nail polishes. I was able to paint very close to my cuticles without it pooling which was fantastic. I really enjoy using essie nail polishes and I have worn this for 5-7 days without chipping which was nice. After the 7th day I can see the nail polish cracking but no chipping. I would also like to add I dont do any dishes so it would probably last 3-5 days if you do ton of house work. I do however type a lot and the polish holds up very well.
I think everyone should own this nail polish because it is very wearable for all skin tones. Pale,med, yellow, olives.. etc. This polish will be very appropriate for the job market because its very muted and not too bam in your face color. I will be repurchasing this color when I run out.
Do you guys own this color?
What color colors did you get from Essie's Carry On collection?
What are your thoughts?

Friday, November 11, 2011

Nail Polishes I packed to school/ new polishes

I just wanted to do this to show you guys what I brought with me to school for my last semester. As you guys read in my previously nail polish post, I was not allowed to bring to many nail polish to school ahahha.
when you see my mini collection you will understand why I haven't posted any nail art lately because looking at what I got I lost all motivation LOL! plus im taking 6 classes right now so im really busy.
I also got a few new nail polishes I will share in this post with you guys as well!

Ibiza- Dark Navy Blue with shimmer, super pretty in the sunlight.. It looks almost black but not quite. I believe I did a post on this already.

caitlin- Purple/grey color. Love this color great for fall

Absolutely shore- pretty baby green color! This was my go to color in the summer love it
Buy me a cameo- I won this in a giveaway and I really like this color.. its a rosy gold color .

Coat azure- I never leave anywhere without this color this is one of m favorite medium tone blue color, it has a little shimmer in it but not too much where it looks childish
Nice is Nice- very pretty/wearable lilac color. It has a more of a pink undertone than blue so I love it.
Sephora Metro chic- I use to wear this color all the time last fall.. wore it once already I really like it but not enough to wear again.. I hope when it gets colder I will want to wear this color again. This is a mauvy dirty grey/purple color

opi extravagance- I needed a pretty sparkly color so I decided to bring this one. Pretty maroon color. the only bad thing about this is that it chips so fast no mater what base coat or top coat I use.
China glaze- TMI ( What does this stand for by the way?)- Coraly color. Great summer color

Sally hansen Barracuda- My favorite baby blue nail polish of all times- This also goes everywhere with me. I shook up the bottle so it looks pretty when i take the picture but I used 1/4 of the bottle already =]

lastly... Club color poptastic- great hot neon pink colors. I would wear this on my nails in the summer and on the toes when ever I feel like my feet needs a pick me up LOL
now on to the new colors I got recently:
Essie- Lady Like- pretty mauve pink/ purple color. everyone needs this in their collection PERIOD. when I was at target my friend tried to talk me out of buying this because I have so many nail polishes and she said I probably have something that looks like it and I told her I didnt but then I put it back anyway. Then i contemplated for 2 weeks and I knew I wanted it badly enough so I got it. I wore this color 3 times since i got it and thats saying a lot because I usually don't like wearing the colors consecutively . First I wore it for 1 week, reapplied it for the second week and took a week off to wear a different color now im back wearing it today. I will do a NOTD post soon.
Next I got:
orly- nite owl- pretty nude with grey undertones. This have pretty silver sparkles that are not too noticeable
Revlon- copper penny, a copper color =p
Revlon- gold coin- gold foil like polish, super pretty. Very fitting color for the holidays
The sally hansen- that was given to me. I forgot the name of it and the sticker was taken off
Lastly Confetti Tasmanian Devil... you can never have too many Deborah Lippmann " happy birthday" nail polish dupes hahahahah

If you guys want any review on these nail polishes I just listed let me know.

New Nail Polishes
Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Calgon Refreshing Body Mist- Red Velvet

From my yesterday haul, I got a body splash, which I heard from  michele1218 and, Calgon body mist- red velvet. That's right I said it! Red Velvet Body splash =).   I am a big fan of foody/ bake good smells. I love anything that smells like cake/vanilla/ Vanilla frosting!  When you first spray it on I can really smell the " Cream cheese frosting", then it tone down after 30 seconds into a sweet yet subtle red velvet cake smell. It also have a slight musk to the smell which is nice because it wont be sicking sweet smell where it would give you a headache because it is very light. You cant really over spray this body mist, I sprayed maybe 10 times over my body and it smells exactly the same if I sprayed only 5, this is another reason why I love this! Every one nose is different and pick up different scent but over all I am a huge fan of this smell.  Im also a huge fan of Bath and Body works Summer Vanilla in Lemon but they discontinued it. The only bad thing about the Red velvet one is that it does not last long at all. Maybe 1-2 hours max ( With massive amount of spray) but its so cheap I would just layer on more once the scent is gone. This is why I love the Summer Vanilla in lemon because that scent literally as me 8 hours easy. This cost me about 6.99 but they have coupons on Calgon website for $1 off.

Overall I highly recommend this if you like dessert/vanilla smell.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rite Aid Haul

Hey ladies! I went to Rite Aid yesterday to check out some new nail polishes because I haven't bought any in a while.  I saw that Revlon was having 40% off their regular nail polish lines and as well as their other cosmetics.  I picked up 2 colors from their metallic line and I absolutely adore these colors! 

The colors I picked up were:
-Copper penny: This polish color looks just like a copper penny but with silver flecks in them which gives you a foil like finish.
- Gold Coin:  this is a gold color with silver undertone. Sometimes I see gold and sometimes I see more silver;  I think it really depends on the lighting.  This also gives you a foil like finish.

The last thing I got was a body splash from CALGON in Red Velvet! I will do a review on this soon.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

L'Occitane en provence Hand Cream

Hey Ladies, today I will do a small review on my new favorite hand cream.  I recently got this from Sephora about 3 days ago and I couldn't  be more happier with my purchase.  I got this hand cream because I wanted a good quality hand cream where it would moisturize without feeling greasy .  This cream sink into your hand almost instantly which was one of the key perks about this product; it did not leave any greasy film behind which I find a lot in other hand cream.  My mom has very dry hands which cracks and bleed as well so I hope this hand cream will continue to amaze me because I will definitely get this for my mom for Christmas.

I only got the traveling size tube, which is around $10 for a 30ml ( 1 oz). The biggest size they have is 5.2 oz for $26.  Yes, I know its a little pricy but I promise it will be worth it and plus you only need a small amount ( about a pea size, anything beyond that will be too much).  This product is infused with 20% Shea butter and I believe this the important ingredient to the hand cream.. Yes I can just go get Shea butter which will be cheaper but it will be too greasy to my liking.  This is a very thick cream as you can see in the photo I provided below. The smell is uber amazing! If you're a fan of baby Johnson baby ( pink bottle) lotion smell then you will love this because it smells very similar if not identical to that.  I love the packaging . It reminds me of tooth paste and the consistency is around the same.  This product makes your hands really baby bottom soft =D.  It lingers on your hand for a long time even if you wash your hands multiple times through out the day.  I really hope you guys enjoy this review and check out the product. You can get this at Sephora or at their store.  l'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

Monday, October 10, 2011

Summer flower nails

Hey Ladies! This was one of the nails I did over summer but never posted on here. Sorry I've been MIA ( missing in action ) lately . I am at my final semester at my University and I did not bring a lot of nail polishes so I wont be painting my nails very much.  I will return doing more nail art when I get back home and reunited with all my polishes =D

 Anyway I hope you guys like this nail art I did.  The key in achieving this look is small strokes for the flowers and layering the colors to give it more dimension.

Stuff I used:
Base Color: China Glaze Lemon Fizz
Acrylic for the flowers
1/10 size brush from Michaels

Saturday, September 10, 2011

China Glaze- OMG collection- TMI swatch

 Hey Ladies! Today I got a simple design and swatch of an old china glaze color for you.  I've been loving holographic nail polish lately so I decided to whip this china glaze TMI nail polish.  This nail polish is from the OMG collection , I wished I would of picked up every single color from this collection because its extremely gorgeous.  TMI is a nice coral salmon holographic color. It was a hint of silver holo reflects in it as well.  I painted two coats but if you were in a hurry I would say one coat would work as well.  The formula was very nice to paint as most of the holo polishes I've used.  The color dries really dull and matte so I would suggest using a top coat. Drying time was fast and with a quick dry top coat added into the mix your nails would be dry in 5 minutes!

I wanted to also add some mini simple design in the mix so spice up my nails a bit. I was not really inspired at all so I decided to do some simple 5 petal flowers and some dots.  I hope you guys enjoy this simple look and swatch!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Zoya Ibiza swatch

So yesterday I wanted to repaint my toes and finger nails so I decided to go dark for my finger nails because this whole week it will be raining and I wanted to match the gloomy weather with dark nails =p.
This polish is from the Zoya dare collection and it is one of my favorite collection.  This is the only collection out of the entire zoya collection that I actually purchase the while line!

This color is describe as a shimmery dark royal blue color. It is a veery dark color but not dark enough to be black. You can still tell that it is blue. The shimmer is very subtle if you are in to that kind of thing, at different angle you can totally see that the blue has a shimmer or that it is not completely flat. The formula is fantastic! This only took me one coat and it was completely opaque; this goes the same with every single color in this line. It was very easy to paint and no streak. I love wearing dark colors for fall.
This is still sold on zoya website for $6 I hope you guys get it =].

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My dorm room!

Hey ladies! Long time no post! Sorry I haven't been posting much but as you read from my previous post I was starting to move back on campus to start school.  This will be my last semester so packing nail polish was a little difficult for me because my mom told me just to pack 5-8 nail polishes and that is what I did.  So I probably wont be doing much nail designs everyday but once a week would be doable for me.  I know this is a nail polish blog but I think its nice to see other stuff besides nail polishes.  Today was my first day of class and I got 4 classes every MWF so its going to be a longggg semester =p.  The best thing about moving in is getting to decorate your room, well at least that's my favorite part.  My school requires everyone to live on campus for 4 years which is really nice if you don't have a car.  I finally got done unpacking and decorating my room and I really do love the way it turned out.  The dorm rooms at university are usually really plain and very white! I wanted to make my room a bit more cozy so I decided to add a lot of stuff to the walls like posters, tapestry ,which made a big difference in my room, Drapes and more personalize things like photos of your family and friends.  I hope these pictures will help give you ideas on how to decorate your dorm room when you guys go back to school!

  1. Posters and tapestry: You guys can get this at beyond the but for me, once a year at the beginning of school year my school would hold a poster sale and I would just buy them there.
  2.  Bedding: I got my duvet cover from target, it is part of their shabby chic collection.  My down blanket is from charter club in macys. My throw and pillows are from Brookstone
  3. my drapes are from target and a bunch of other nick nacks are as well
  4. Tv from best buys
  5. fridge from costco, microwave from walmart
  6. coffee maker from you can find really good deals here
  7. my picture frames and most of the stuff on those shelves are from marshals! Best place to find great decor for your dorm room 

View from my bedroom window
Chilis view from my bedroom window

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Matte Vampy nails

Hey Ladies.. Sorry for the lack of creative name for this mani im posting today.  Its been a while since I did my nails but I did this a few days ago and I was busy packing to post them.

 This was a very simple nail for me because I couldnt think of anything more creative =]
 So what I did was paint my nails a dark polish and decided to use a matte top coat to create a really cool base for my stamping grounds.  This stamps reminds me of a print vera bradley would print on their bags but more brightly color of course =]

What I used:
  •  opi Siberian nights ( I feel like all dark colors all look the same.. =/)
  • Essie- matte about you top coat
  • china glaze millenium as a stamping polish for the image plates I got from born pretty website.. the image seems to be working very well if you might ask =]

Anyway I hope you guys enjoy this simple look.. Will be back with another look later today if im not too busy.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Pink lighting bolt nails

Hey guys! I did this nail design base on what I saw on Nailside and I wanted to try to attempt this double lighting bolt again. I tried this maybe 4 times before but never turned out good.. This actually took a really long time but I really loved how it turned out a lot. You probably cant see the gold lighting bolt in the middle but you can really see it in person.. next time I might have to try a deeper shade of gold.  I only did 3 fingers because the other two I messed up so I took it off and painted Essie cute as a button instead. I think this looks really cool!!  Will I try this nail design again? Maybe if I have more time to waste, or I could just do this on my accent nail.  I love this look because its really girly and soft..On nailside blog she did a lot of this lighting bolt design and she also did a tutorial on this so you can go check it out if you like to achieve this look.

What  I used:

  1.  Essie- Van d'go as a base coat.
  2. Essie buy me cameo as my next layer
  3. Essie- cute as a button
  4. Scotch clear tape.

I posted the photos in the order I did my thunder bolt. I hope you guys enjoy this look! Sorry for the poor quality of photos.