Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My dorm room!

Hey ladies! Long time no post! Sorry I haven't been posting much but as you read from my previous post I was starting to move back on campus to start school.  This will be my last semester so packing nail polish was a little difficult for me because my mom told me just to pack 5-8 nail polishes and that is what I did.  So I probably wont be doing much nail designs everyday but once a week would be doable for me.  I know this is a nail polish blog but I think its nice to see other stuff besides nail polishes.  Today was my first day of class and I got 4 classes every MWF so its going to be a longggg semester =p.  The best thing about moving in is getting to decorate your room, well at least that's my favorite part.  My school requires everyone to live on campus for 4 years which is really nice if you don't have a car.  I finally got done unpacking and decorating my room and I really do love the way it turned out.  The dorm rooms at university are usually really plain and very white! I wanted to make my room a bit more cozy so I decided to add a lot of stuff to the walls like posters, tapestry ,which made a big difference in my room, Drapes and more personalize things like photos of your family and friends.  I hope these pictures will help give you ideas on how to decorate your dorm room when you guys go back to school!

  1. Posters and tapestry: You guys can get this at beyond the but for me, once a year at the beginning of school year my school would hold a poster sale and I would just buy them there.
  2.  Bedding: I got my duvet cover from target, it is part of their shabby chic collection.  My down blanket is from charter club in macys. My throw and pillows are from Brookstone
  3. my drapes are from target and a bunch of other nick nacks are as well
  4. Tv from best buys
  5. fridge from costco, microwave from walmart
  6. coffee maker from you can find really good deals here
  7. my picture frames and most of the stuff on those shelves are from marshals! Best place to find great decor for your dorm room 

View from my bedroom window
Chilis view from my bedroom window


  1. wow! you designed it really well! i love your sheets!

  2. This is such a cool post! I never had to live on campus so I feel like I missed out on the typical college experience in a way :-P Your room looks really cozy!