Saturday, December 1, 2012

Turkey Nails (Toesy)

Hey Ladies,

I know its past Thanksgiving but I just had to post these cute little Turkey heads I did on my Moms toes.

I hope you guys like this!

From now on I have decided to start a tumblr and start posting my nail art there instead of here. Reason being because I usually never know what to say on this blog and it would be easier just to post photos.

Hope you guys follow me there! Will be posting Christmas nails through out this month =]

See you guys on the other side!!

Amanda Noonan

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fall leaves

Hey Ladies, first I have a question, do you guys know a good free easy program that water marks photos? I've been using free trail ones but now its up and wants about $30 for them and I think its a little steep since this is just a hobby and not a job for me =]. Please comment below and let me know.

This week I wanted to do fall leaves because its been really cold outside and the leaves are changing colors. I think fall colors are so beautiful and cozy at the same time.  So What I did was painted a tree every other finger with fall colors dots as leaves. My pointer finger was sponged on with 3 colors and the green specks you see there is suppose to be leaves  falling =]

I hope you guys like this simple look

I use a striper brush, dotting tools, and makeup sponge.

Amanda N

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"This is Halloween" Challenge : Trick or Treat nails

 Hey Ladies! Wow this challenge is over today I am a bit behind! I still haven't had time to to recreate something I probably will have to do it tonight after work just to finish off the challenge.

This is a simple design for me because I used stamping on most of my nails. I used the bundle monster 2012 stamping that has different kind of candy on them and just added 3 different nail polish color and just scrape it and this is what the colors came out as. I thought it turned out great!  I used white base and did gradient sponging on every other nails. With the middle finger I wrote in Trick or Treat and it turned out crooked but that's okay!  On my thumb I drew a Halloween bag I hope you guys can see it. I wished I would of mixed  the orange with a little white to make it more pastel color to fit the theme of my other nails.

I hope you guys like this look! Choose any color you guys like!

Amanda N

Sunday, October 28, 2012

"This is Halloween" Challenge: Graveyard

Hey Ladies,

I saw this design on and I just had to recreate it. Even though it is not exactly the same I still love this design. It was very simple because all you need was 2 colors, a natural nail polish which here I used Essie- Topless and Barefoot and black polish or acrylic paint which you can get at any craft store. First I painted the base coat waited it to dry or dry enough that I could paint on the designs. Every nail is different type of graveyard designs. I love the little owl on the thumb.. should of made the tree branch less straight because it almost looks fake haha! On my right had was a tad bit harder to do but it is also different from my left hand and my thumb has a cat! I wasn't planning on drawing a black cat because I didn't think I could but as i was drawing the tombstone and I thought it looked almost like a cat and all I need was a tail, head and ears. 

I hope you guys like this designs/recreation

Amanda N

Saturday, October 27, 2012

"This is Halloween" Challenge : Witches nails

 Hey Ladies!

Yesterday challenge was witches nails and I saw an image at Michael and I wanted to recreate the witches hat on each nails. I love the black,purple, green and orange look because for some reason those colors just scream witch to me. So I picked a light purple base color so the witches hat would stand out instead of a darker color.  Each finger has a different unique designs to the hat because I thought it would make it more fun then just a same ol' monotone design. The pinky just has different color polka dots.

What I used:
China Glaze : Agent Lavender ( base color)
Black Acrylic paint for the black hat
China Glaze- Tree hugger
Essie braziliant
Dotting tools and a small stripper brush

With my right hand I wanted just to have the two combination of the colors on my left hand. I thought they would go well together and grab more attention in public =]

I hope you guys like this simple design!

Amanda N

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mummy Toesie!

Hey Ladies,

So I was asked by my lovely mother if I could do some Halloween nail art on her toes and I couldn't pass it up! I always told her that I wish I had an extra set of hand so I could do more nail art HAHA!  I decided to do a mummy nail for her big toes because I have never done that before and it was really easy/cute. All I did was painted her big toes white and the rest black with nubar 2010 nail polish on top of it to give it more depth.  Then lastly added random stripes on the the toes to make it look like bandages.  At the last minute she saw that I had cute spider on my nail designed and asked me if I could fit one on one of her toes. That is it! 

Anyway I hope you guys like this design!

Amanda N

Monday, October 22, 2012

"The is Halloween " Challenge : Gradient Nails

I think most people was thinking the same thing when the word gradient came up on this Halloween Challenge. I was impatient and I messed up with my pointer finger so I took a quick photo of it before I could mess up anything else lol. I was not feeling too creative with this theme. I wanted it to be Halloween but do it in a gradient manner and candy corn was perfect for this theme.

What I used:
China glaze - Lemon fizz
wet and wild- sunny side up
Sinful color - snow me white
Makeup sponge.

I hope you guys like this

Amanda N

Friday, October 19, 2012

"The is Halloween" Challenge : Bat nails

 Hey Ladies!

I almost forgot today was Bat day! Better late than never right?  This is the fourth time I attempted bat nails and this was the only one I kept on my nails I just realize I can't really draw bats! LOL
Anyway I really liked the base color I came up with by layering two different polish. I carefully drew the bats on my nails with black acrylic paint and the drew a tree with upside down bats..... I guess you didn't see that until I mentioned it huh =)
Sorry about the photo quality, my mom actually took my camera to work and left it there >_<! so this was taken by my phone.

What I used:
Essie-Lilacism (base)
Sinful color- Nail junkie (on top)
Acrylic paint
Small dotting tools
short stripper brush for tree

I hope you guys like it!

Monday, October 15, 2012

"The is Halloween" Challenge- Zombie Nails

Hey Ladies!

I was really excited for this challenge and so was my boyfriend! He loves anything zombies and I always get sucked into watching them with him. I saw a bunch of other nail blogger creation and I could not believe how amazing it turned out. Mine is not as cute or scary but I do love how it turned out.  I have never wore " dead like" or blood on my nails so it took some getting use to. Anyway, here are some photos hope you like them =]!

Tool used:
Sponging method
Dotting tools

Colors used:
Sinful color- Snow me white as base ( best white polish I used so far)
Sinful color-  Verbena
Essie - Topless and barefoot
Essie-  Lilacism
Italia- dark cherry ( never used this color because i found it in a shopping cart unused =p. Great dark red for any blood mani!

Amanda N

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Halloween Challenge

Hey Ladies,
I know I'm a bit late on this challenge but I have been doing Halloween nails though :). I like this challenge because it was not an everyday thing so it was quite manageable for me. I got this from

I'm starting on October 15, which is a zombie nail so I will post that tomorrow.  What I was thinking of doing was trying create all the other nail challenge that I've missed but we will see. Yesterday I did a ghost nail design so I hope you guys check it out.

Amanda N

Saturday, October 13, 2012

"This is Halloween" Challenge: Ghost Nails

Hey Ladies,
Today I did a ghost nail. I painted my nails white and first wanted to do mummy Halloween nails but then I got lazy with all the taping to get the lines straight.  What I did was use black acrylic paint to outline the ghost shape then added the eyes and mouth. I made it look more friendly ghost ( like Casper) then a scary screaming one. On my pinky I wanted to add a spider but its sort of creeping me out! I hate/fear spiders. My thumb I wanted to add the word  "Boo!" just in case no one can figure out my crappy drawing LOL! The top image I added a black and orange confetti glitter I got from Gap when I was 12 just to add a little more color to this mani.

                                I added the glitter afterwards.

I hope you guys like this!

Amanda N

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Halloween nails- Bones and Haunted house!

I did these in the past week and a half but forgot to post them so now I will post both!  The quality isn't so great because it was taken from my iphone. I will start using my regular camera when I do another nail designs.
The first nail I wanted to do was Bones, just plain bones with no blood; then I added blood on the bones to make it more spooky because it is Halloween nails after all.  For people with bigger nail bed, this design would look great because you could add more bones to make it look like a pattern nail design.

I used a black base nail polish from Wet n Wild and dotting tool in white polish from sinful colors to make the bone shape.

This week I decided to do haunted nails ,then again I do apologies if it did not turn out to well. Im a little rusty as you guys could already tell how little I have posted this year.

I hope you guys like my designs =]

Friday, June 22, 2012

Cotton Candy nails

Hey Ladies!

I know I haven't posted for a while, I just haven't been motivated enough to do my nails anymore.   I would usually paint my nails and be done with it. But lately I've been wanted to get back on nail designing and posting again.... maybe because I was getting bored or more motivated.

I hope you guys like this nail look.

What I used:

Sally Hansen- Baracuda as a base
Essie- Lilacism
OPI- Mod about you
China Glaze -Lemon Fizz

Faux-nad image plate I got off of amazon.

Enjoy! Look out for more nail designs next week!


Monday, March 5, 2012

My tuxedo nails

Hey guys! I havent done any nail art since the last time I posted something about my nails. Sorry I don't have any watermark on my photos because I lost everything on my computer so I dont have all the programs I ued to use anymore.
Anyway I saw this nail designs on Youtube by cutepolish and decided to try it out because she made it look so easy.

-What I did was first I painted my nails white as a base color. I used Sinful color in snow me white
(This is my favorite white nail polish btw)
-Secondly I waited for the white polish to try and then I went in with a black striper polish and made a V shape then filled in the outer with black polish with a toothpick.
-Thirdly I added a bow this will take some steady hands but I just did an X with my striper polish then filled in the rest to make the bow.
-Lastly I added 2 buttons as dots.

Then top coat to make it all shinny then I was done, Warning, I would wait for the polishes to dry before you put a top coat because it can spear your art work.

It would also be need to add red bow instead of a black bow to change some stuff up.

I hope you guys like this look!