Saturday, October 13, 2012

"This is Halloween" Challenge: Ghost Nails

Hey Ladies,
Today I did a ghost nail. I painted my nails white and first wanted to do mummy Halloween nails but then I got lazy with all the taping to get the lines straight.  What I did was use black acrylic paint to outline the ghost shape then added the eyes and mouth. I made it look more friendly ghost ( like Casper) then a scary screaming one. On my pinky I wanted to add a spider but its sort of creeping me out! I hate/fear spiders. My thumb I wanted to add the word  "Boo!" just in case no one can figure out my crappy drawing LOL! The top image I added a black and orange confetti glitter I got from Gap when I was 12 just to add a little more color to this mani.

                                I added the glitter afterwards.

I hope you guys like this!

Amanda N

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