Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"This is Halloween" Challenge : Trick or Treat nails

 Hey Ladies! Wow this challenge is over today I am a bit behind! I still haven't had time to to recreate something I probably will have to do it tonight after work just to finish off the challenge.

This is a simple design for me because I used stamping on most of my nails. I used the bundle monster 2012 stamping that has different kind of candy on them and just added 3 different nail polish color and just scrape it and this is what the colors came out as. I thought it turned out great!  I used white base and did gradient sponging on every other nails. With the middle finger I wrote in Trick or Treat and it turned out crooked but that's okay!  On my thumb I drew a Halloween bag I hope you guys can see it. I wished I would of mixed  the orange with a little white to make it more pastel color to fit the theme of my other nails.

I hope you guys like this look! Choose any color you guys like!

Amanda N


  1. Ohhh, I love this! This is so cute! <3
    Great job!!


  2. Adorable! Love the gradient stamps! I think the thumb is my favourite :D