Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fall leaves

Hey Ladies, first I have a question, do you guys know a good free easy program that water marks photos? I've been using free trail ones but now its up and wants about $30 for them and I think its a little steep since this is just a hobby and not a job for me =]. Please comment below and let me know.

This week I wanted to do fall leaves because its been really cold outside and the leaves are changing colors. I think fall colors are so beautiful and cozy at the same time.  So What I did was painted a tree every other finger with fall colors dots as leaves. My pointer finger was sponged on with 3 colors and the green specks you see there is suppose to be leaves  falling =]

I hope you guys like this simple look

I use a striper brush, dotting tools, and makeup sponge.

Amanda N

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