Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Essie- Cute as a button swatch

Hey Ladies!  Well two days ago I recieved my package from Amy Leung On luuux and in it was some great products.  I've been wanting this color for a while but never got it because I always forgot to or can never find it when I do end up remembering, have this happen to you?

I really enjoy this color on my nails.  I keep staring at it because it is such a gorgeous color don't you think?  I would say this is a coraly pink color. Sometimes I see a bit of hot pink but other lighting I see coral.  I do own a few coral colors but this one is super pretty and unique.  It has more of a red undertone than orange which I enjoy a lot.

The formula of this polish was not bad at all. It was medium to thick.  it was a tad streaky on first coat but second coat cleared that right now.. I also added an flower sticker I got from Amy to my ring finger and a little yellow jewl. I think this combination is so cuteee!!!

Lately I have been getting a lot of air bubbles when I paint my nails. Could you guys help me out. I dont know why this all started.. Could it be the fan that I have on blowing at me while I paint my nails?  Ive been painting my nails the same way but now theres tones of air bubbles and no I dont shake my polish before had.

I hope you guys enjoy this swatch!


Amanda N


  1. I've heard you can get bubbles if you paint near a fan because the top layer dries before all the air has time to get out of the polish. I don't know if it's true but I don't paint in front of a fan just in case.

  2. Love the accent nail! This is perfect :)

  3. This is very pretty and the sticker looks very cute. Would you mind to tell me where I can buy the sticker and the yellow jewl. Thanks.

    Check out this link for the basic application tutorial.

  4. I get bubbles when I don't wait long enough between coats. I have to wait at least 8-10 minutes between coats, or I get bubbles.

  5. @TA Yeah thats what i was thinking too.. I think next time I paint I just have to turn off the fan

  6. @ Anonymous I got my sticker and jewel as a gift but I heard you can get it on ebay, trans designs or any asians nail beauty store.