Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Essie-Lady Like swatch/review

Essie Lady like is from one of their newest collection ( not latest) called Essie's Carry On collection. Out of all the colors this one is the only one that drawn to me. At first I thought maybe I already have something similar to this but then being a polish addict as I am I got it anyway even though my friends told me NO MORE nail polish hahaha. They just dont know how important nail polishes are to me hahaha...
I would describe this color as a muted dusty rose/a hint of purple/grey base undertone. This is a creme color with no shimmer or anything to it. When I first bought it home, I thought to myself... hmm this is not a special color.. no wow or pow factor but when you put it on your hands it makes your hands seems so delicate looking. So " pure" if you catch my drift =).

This color only needed two coats, it applied very smoothly which was surprising to me because usually I have troubles with my Essie nail polishes. I was able to paint very close to my cuticles without it pooling which was fantastic. I really enjoy using essie nail polishes and I have worn this for 5-7 days without chipping which was nice. After the 7th day I can see the nail polish cracking but no chipping. I would also like to add I dont do any dishes so it would probably last 3-5 days if you do ton of house work. I do however type a lot and the polish holds up very well.
I think everyone should own this nail polish because it is very wearable for all skin tones. Pale,med, yellow, olives.. etc. This polish will be very appropriate for the job market because its very muted and not too bam in your face color. I will be repurchasing this color when I run out.
Do you guys own this color?
What color colors did you get from Essie's Carry On collection?
What are your thoughts?

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  1. I love this color even though I don't really reach for it. It just looks very classy!
    I've just nominated you with a cute blog award :)