Friday, November 11, 2011

Nail Polishes I packed to school/ new polishes

I just wanted to do this to show you guys what I brought with me to school for my last semester. As you guys read in my previously nail polish post, I was not allowed to bring to many nail polish to school ahahha.
when you see my mini collection you will understand why I haven't posted any nail art lately because looking at what I got I lost all motivation LOL! plus im taking 6 classes right now so im really busy.
I also got a few new nail polishes I will share in this post with you guys as well!

Ibiza- Dark Navy Blue with shimmer, super pretty in the sunlight.. It looks almost black but not quite. I believe I did a post on this already.

caitlin- Purple/grey color. Love this color great for fall

Absolutely shore- pretty baby green color! This was my go to color in the summer love it
Buy me a cameo- I won this in a giveaway and I really like this color.. its a rosy gold color .

Coat azure- I never leave anywhere without this color this is one of m favorite medium tone blue color, it has a little shimmer in it but not too much where it looks childish
Nice is Nice- very pretty/wearable lilac color. It has a more of a pink undertone than blue so I love it.
Sephora Metro chic- I use to wear this color all the time last fall.. wore it once already I really like it but not enough to wear again.. I hope when it gets colder I will want to wear this color again. This is a mauvy dirty grey/purple color

opi extravagance- I needed a pretty sparkly color so I decided to bring this one. Pretty maroon color. the only bad thing about this is that it chips so fast no mater what base coat or top coat I use.
China glaze- TMI ( What does this stand for by the way?)- Coraly color. Great summer color

Sally hansen Barracuda- My favorite baby blue nail polish of all times- This also goes everywhere with me. I shook up the bottle so it looks pretty when i take the picture but I used 1/4 of the bottle already =]

lastly... Club color poptastic- great hot neon pink colors. I would wear this on my nails in the summer and on the toes when ever I feel like my feet needs a pick me up LOL
now on to the new colors I got recently:
Essie- Lady Like- pretty mauve pink/ purple color. everyone needs this in their collection PERIOD. when I was at target my friend tried to talk me out of buying this because I have so many nail polishes and she said I probably have something that looks like it and I told her I didnt but then I put it back anyway. Then i contemplated for 2 weeks and I knew I wanted it badly enough so I got it. I wore this color 3 times since i got it and thats saying a lot because I usually don't like wearing the colors consecutively . First I wore it for 1 week, reapplied it for the second week and took a week off to wear a different color now im back wearing it today. I will do a NOTD post soon.
Next I got:
orly- nite owl- pretty nude with grey undertones. This have pretty silver sparkles that are not too noticeable
Revlon- copper penny, a copper color =p
Revlon- gold coin- gold foil like polish, super pretty. Very fitting color for the holidays
The sally hansen- that was given to me. I forgot the name of it and the sticker was taken off
Lastly Confetti Tasmanian Devil... you can never have too many Deborah Lippmann " happy birthday" nail polish dupes hahahahah

If you guys want any review on these nail polishes I just listed let me know.

New Nail Polishes
Happy Friday everyone!


  1. they look amazing! I want to have your nail polish collection:D

  2. That's a pretty cool small collection there. Do the school actually check how many nail polishes you have? hehe.