Saturday, July 30, 2011

Purple ombre nails

Hey Ladies! So today I have a Purple Ombre Nail for you!  I think this is a very soft way to wear the ombre trend but yet still noticeable. I hope you like the swatch and mini review of each nail polish.

From Thumb to pinky:

  • China glaze- Agent Lavender- This is a pale purple creme polish with a blue undertone. I had this nail polish for a while and I do really like this polish.  I believe this is medium to thick consistency and it only needed one coat for it to be opaque, but in this photo I did two just in case
  • Essie- Nice is Nice- This is from the essie french collection. This is a very pretty shade of Lilac but it was a pinker undertone then others lilac colors I own.  The formula was nice but the first coat was a little streaky but not much at all, by the second coat it was opaque.
  •  Essie Lilacism- This is a very bright lilac color! I really truly believe this is a true lilac color! Fromula was the same as nice is nice so it was not bad. The consistency was medium, not to thick not to thin
  • OPI- Do you lilac it?- This was the first  " lilac" nail polish I got and I really thought this was a good pastel purple but next to the other ones I think this is not a lilac color.. its too dark. The bottle it looks light but its a tad darker but overall this is still a good polish.
  • OPI- parlez- vous OPI-  This is a darkest shade of the " lilac" color... not even close to lilac but closer than most dark purples I have.  This color is very gorgeous for fall time.. a tad dark for me.. The formula of this was not bad at all.

Overall, all the colors I picked made a really nice ombre effects because of the light fading into the dark was very well planned out =] I hope you guys enjoy this look!


Amanda N

Friday, July 29, 2011

Zoya- Shawn with Nubar

Hey Ladies! As you read in my last nail post I will be giving my nail a break from painting for at least 5 days. So I have a few nail swatches stored up for the next couple of days for you guys. I hope you guys enjoy this
What I have one is from the Promotion Trio zoya was having and I got 3 nail polish from zoya for 5 bucks!! Anyway I finally swatched this color and this is such a beautiful color! This is a creme color base, creme is my Favorite finish in a nail polish. I would describe this as a mossy green. This did not streak it was very opaque.. It almost only needed one coat.. crazy right.. not really because from experience. I got about 8-10 zoya creme nail polish and most of them only needed 1 coat 2 would better but one if you are in a rush. The polish dries fast but I did use a fast dry topcoat.
Next I decided to spice it up some more and whipped out my Nubar 2010 nail polish and add it on top. I think this two paired up really nice! I tried to take a bunch of photos for you guys so you can see the beauty of this combination.
By the way while im typing this people still shooting fireworks... I guess they are not ready for the forth of july to be over LOL
Enjoy this swatch.. I will post another one tomorrow..
It feels weird not changing my nail polish color like every day LOL... I still have Essie cute as a button on and still loving the color.
Photo is mine.

I hope you guys enjoy this swatch!

Amanda N

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Essie- Cute as a button swatch

Hey Ladies!  Well two days ago I recieved my package from Amy Leung On luuux and in it was some great products.  I've been wanting this color for a while but never got it because I always forgot to or can never find it when I do end up remembering, have this happen to you?

I really enjoy this color on my nails.  I keep staring at it because it is such a gorgeous color don't you think?  I would say this is a coraly pink color. Sometimes I see a bit of hot pink but other lighting I see coral.  I do own a few coral colors but this one is super pretty and unique.  It has more of a red undertone than orange which I enjoy a lot.

The formula of this polish was not bad at all. It was medium to thick.  it was a tad streaky on first coat but second coat cleared that right now.. I also added an flower sticker I got from Amy to my ring finger and a little yellow jewl. I think this combination is so cuteee!!!

Lately I have been getting a lot of air bubbles when I paint my nails. Could you guys help me out. I dont know why this all started.. Could it be the fan that I have on blowing at me while I paint my nails?  Ive been painting my nails the same way but now theres tones of air bubbles and no I dont shake my polish before had.

I hope you guys enjoy this swatch!


Amanda N

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Zoya-Demi with OPI Serving up sparkles

 Hey Ladies! As you know I took of my other mani from the previous post because I was not really in the mood for St patties day nail .
The color I got on today is called Zoya Demi from their Dare collection. I actually got their whole Dare collection because every single color on their is very pretty, perfect for fall and pigment.  If you guys havent checked out their Dare collection please do! This is my favorite collection from them until this day.

I think this color is a very unique redish purple almost like a mauvey  creme color. I dont own anything like this. This color paint like a dream. It could pass for one coat but I usually do two just incase it will have bald spots in the sunlight.  This is a great fall color but I usually dont follow the rules because I wear this all season. It reminds me of BARNEY but a little darker. =].  Anyway I got a few photos with this polish a lone and others with OPI- serving it up sparkles.  I think these two paired up nicely.  The serving up Sparkles has a lot of sparkles in it so I only used one coat.  Wish it was a little more sparks but thats alright!


 I hope you guys enjoy this swatch!


Amanda N

Lucky potted gold nails

 Hey Ladies! Originally I was trying to do peacock nails but the more I looked at it the more it looks like St Patrick Days mani.  Now I know what to do when March rolls around LOL. I looked online to see what colors peacocks where and it was Green, Blue Gold and some purple but I tried the purple on my fake nail tester it did not turn out nice.  I didnt keep this mani on long maybe 20 minutes but I already wanted to try something esle. I think I would be more in the mood to wear this nail if it was st. patricks day. Doesn't look like potted golds ?

Anyway here is what I used:

  • Sally Hansen Insta Dri- Emerald express as a base coat! I love the Insta Dri polish from sally hansen...All I used was one coat and it was opaque enough. 
  • Zoya Ivanka to sponge on the tips of the nails to get that gradient effects with the green gold ( Click to enlarge photos)
  • Sally hansen set the stage- This  polish was okay.. it needed more glitter in it. If I was lucky I maybe get 1or 2 flecks.  So I just painted this on the tips so I can get the small flecks for better fading
  • used sally hansen gold glitter.. or milani jewl fx with those hexagon glitters would work well too .

I hope you guys enjoy this look and maybe bookmark it for St. patricks day!


Amanda N

Sunday, July 24, 2011

On cloud 9 nails

Hey Ladies!  I just finish this mani like 20 minutes ago and I seriously couldn't wait to post it!  This in my opinion is the cutest and best mani I've done this month.   It is so fun and happy!  For the last 20 minutes, every time I look down at my hand I keep admiring it hahaha.

I saw this on a tumblr and I knew I had to do that design on my nails.  Heres the link to the photo.

So what I used:

Left Hand:
  • Sally hansen Barracuda for the base coat
  • then on 3 of my fingers I used the stamp that has cloud prints on them but this can easily be drawn on.
  • On my index and middle finger I did a rainbow and a cloud at the end of one of the rainbow.
  • After this was all dry, I added wet and wild Hallucinate Glitter on the rainbow part to give it a little sparkles. Then I added a little face on my cloud on my index finger.

Right Hand:

  I was too lazy to do the same to my right hand so I just added clouds to all my nails and finish it with a top coat.

AHHH I love this Mani so much!! Im so glad I have the cloud image plates because now I can do Up nails from pixar! WOOO!   Anyway I hope you enjoy the photos! Sorry I went crazyy with them


Amanda N

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ombre nails - Nude

Hey guys! I took a full afternoon to do a bunch of swatches.  At first, my initial idea was to swatch different shades of colors on my nails to so I can show you guys the comparison between nudes, blues, pinks, greens and so on but then the more I look at it, it reminded me of an ombre nails that's been in this summer.

Basically this will be a two in one post kind of thing.  I the order of the polish and the color on my nails a opposite..sorry.

Here are the colors I used starting from the thumb.

  1. Essie- Jackie Oh My -it is a very white nude shade. Very sheer.. this took me three coats and I can still see some bald spots. I think this color needs to thicken up a bit for the 2-3 coats to work.
  2. Essie- Topless and barefoot- one of my favorite nudes. The consistency is medium to thick.  This only took 2 coats to get this opaque.  This has a pink undertone.
  3. OPI- Get me to the Taj on time- I cant wait for this color to become thicker because I heard it will be easier to polish and will take less coats.  I really do like this color but it is too sheer, this took me 3 coats.  This color looks really close to essie topless and barefoot but more sheer.
  4. Essie Jazz- I really like this color. This is a brown undertone nude very pretty and opaque. Only took 2 coats to get the color of the bottle.
  5. Mark- Stay neutral ( I got this from a giveaway from Liliana Lopez)  This color is different from all the other nude. it has more of an orange undertone and with pink  shimmer. The shimmer is very fine so it makes it hard to see. This took 2 coats.

I hope you guys enjoy the swatch and review!  Stay tune for a purple ombre nails next !

Friday, July 22, 2011

My Galaxy/Nebula nails

Hey Ladies!  So I've been doing my nails a lot lately because I only have a month left before I go back to school so Im doing all the nail deigns that has been on my to do list.  Dont worry, I wont stop blogging completely once I start school.. I would maybe have time to do my nails once a week.

Anyway last night I was browsing on the internet and I saw this blog tutorial on how to do nebula nails.  I then took off my nail polish that I had on that moment and started to prep my nails for this design.  I just follow the steps of the blogger but everyone's nebula or galaxy nails will turn out differently.

I did my left hand first like always and I like/disliked it.  I was glad I had another hand I can practice on because it would such a pian to take off all the hard work just to start over again.  So when I did the right hand I was liking it more.  I didnt add as much layers to my right hand so my nail polish didn't feel as thick.  I hope you guys like this!

Here's the website I looked at:  attackedastorianails

I used a bunch of nail polishes to achieve this look but I can roughly tell you want I used.

  • Base coat: Any dark nail polish with shimmers: I used sally hanen- Midnight in NY but you can also use OPI my private jet but I use this color to do the sponging instead.
  • you need a makeup sponge to do all this look. You sponge on the polish randomly.
  • some baby blue color .. less in your face color than white. 
  • yellow
  • pink/red ( duo chrome would look sooo cool)
  • blue
  • Orly Space Cadet ( This gave a really cool out of space effect) You could also use Hard Candy Beatles
  • Then next I took a dotting tool and dotted white dots randomly to act like stars.

I hope you guys enjoy this look. I provided a bunch of photos of both my nebula nails.

                                                                 Right Hand

                                                         Left Hand

I hope you guys enjoy once again!  Thank you for taking your time and reading and checking out my Blog.


Amanda N

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sinful Colors- Seaweed swatch

Hey Ladies! Earlier I posted that I got a nail polish that was consider a close if not identical to OPI strangers tides nail polish.  This is like a darker sea foam green color  then essie- absolutely shore.  Now I dont have OPI stranger tides so I cant do a comparison plus I didnt think I needed two of the same color. If I could get it for cheaper I would always opt out for a cheaper version.  I really do like this nail polish color I think it looks really well on my yellow skin tone.  It is middle tone, not too light and not to dark.  The formula was a bit streaky with the first coat but by the second coat, like most nail polish, it even out.  Sometimes I think if I painted a thicker coat the first time around you could pass for one coat.  This nail polish was not thin or thick.. it was middle to thick consistency. This is the type of formula I really like.  There was no pooling. I heard from a fellow blogger that this nail polish did not dry very fast and had a gel consistency feel after drying, I however did not had that problem.  What do you guys think of this color?

I hope you guys enjoy the swatch and the review!

Amanda N

Sinful Colors- Seaweed

Hey Ladies! This will be a quick post. I just came back from Rite Aids  and I picked up this color called seaweed from Sinful Colors latest collection from Adventure Island.  I head from a lot of people this is a great dupe for OPI- Strangers Tides from the Pirates of the Caribbean. If you guys don't want to cough up that much money for an OPI I think sinful colors is a great alternative!  Swatch of this will go on later today after I come back from the gym so stay tunes!

Amanda N

Sally Hansen- Time to shine swatch

Hey Ladies! Today I got a swatch a did a couple days back.  This is from Sally Hansen newest collection of nail polish that just came out.  I got this at Walgreen when they were having that 2 for 4 $ deals which was perfect timing! This color to be would describe by me bronzey brown chrome with silver in it  I think this is such a gorgeous color in my opinion.  This color reminds me of another nail polish color I have called orly rage, so I did a quick swatch to see how they compare.  I would say they are different  because orly rage is more of a rose gold . It has a more pink undertone then time to shine.  Overall if you guys are on the budget I would just get Sally hansen time to shine because really no one can really tell the difference.  I really like the pink undertone better but that's just me.  The formula to be was really good! Only took two coats to get it opaque  and its not streaky at all.


I hope you enjoy this Swatch!

Amanda N.