Friday, July 29, 2011

Zoya- Shawn with Nubar

Hey Ladies! As you read in my last nail post I will be giving my nail a break from painting for at least 5 days. So I have a few nail swatches stored up for the next couple of days for you guys. I hope you guys enjoy this
What I have one is from the Promotion Trio zoya was having and I got 3 nail polish from zoya for 5 bucks!! Anyway I finally swatched this color and this is such a beautiful color! This is a creme color base, creme is my Favorite finish in a nail polish. I would describe this as a mossy green. This did not streak it was very opaque.. It almost only needed one coat.. crazy right.. not really because from experience. I got about 8-10 zoya creme nail polish and most of them only needed 1 coat 2 would better but one if you are in a rush. The polish dries fast but I did use a fast dry topcoat.
Next I decided to spice it up some more and whipped out my Nubar 2010 nail polish and add it on top. I think this two paired up really nice! I tried to take a bunch of photos for you guys so you can see the beauty of this combination.
By the way while im typing this people still shooting fireworks... I guess they are not ready for the forth of july to be over LOL
Enjoy this swatch.. I will post another one tomorrow..
It feels weird not changing my nail polish color like every day LOL... I still have Essie cute as a button on and still loving the color.
Photo is mine.

I hope you guys enjoy this swatch!

Amanda N


  1. Wow, the color is beautiful, and I really like the finished result as well. It looks kind of granite-ish lol

  2. If it makes you feel any better people by me are still lighting fireworks too! And I love the layering combo.