Sunday, July 24, 2011

On cloud 9 nails

Hey Ladies!  I just finish this mani like 20 minutes ago and I seriously couldn't wait to post it!  This in my opinion is the cutest and best mani I've done this month.   It is so fun and happy!  For the last 20 minutes, every time I look down at my hand I keep admiring it hahaha.

I saw this on a tumblr and I knew I had to do that design on my nails.  Heres the link to the photo.

So what I used:

Left Hand:
  • Sally hansen Barracuda for the base coat
  • then on 3 of my fingers I used the stamp that has cloud prints on them but this can easily be drawn on.
  • On my index and middle finger I did a rainbow and a cloud at the end of one of the rainbow.
  • After this was all dry, I added wet and wild Hallucinate Glitter on the rainbow part to give it a little sparkles. Then I added a little face on my cloud on my index finger.

Right Hand:

  I was too lazy to do the same to my right hand so I just added clouds to all my nails and finish it with a top coat.

AHHH I love this Mani so much!! Im so glad I have the cloud image plates because now I can do Up nails from pixar! WOOO!   Anyway I hope you enjoy the photos! Sorry I went crazyy with them


Amanda N


  1. These are adorable!!!! Great job!!

  2. This is so awesome! I love it. :)

  3. Goooosh, sooooo cute! You really did a great job! And I really, really like it! ♥ It's so cute! Wanna try this as well! (:

  4. I love floral as well! *__*
    I got it from a cute 'no name' shop here in Berlin but I think you get scarfs like that in common shops like H&M or something like that (:

  5. OMG You are just so crazy, Amanda! Every single nail post you do is more amazing than the last! Holy crap, wow. I absolutely love it!!

  6. I just bought Barracuda last week and this is definitely inspiring me!