Thursday, July 7, 2011

China Glaze- O.M.G collection BFF

Hey Ladies,  Today I got a swatch for you from a old collection by China glaze.  It is called the OMG collection, such a cute name.  This collection consist of many different Holographic colors which are beautifully made.  The shade I got on is called BFF, it is a beautiful  purple/ pink holo color.  This color  has so much dimension in the sunlight and indoors!  This only took me two coats to get the color opaque to match the bottle. The formulation of this color was great. Very easy to paint with no pooling in my cuticles .  This was not streaky and it went on as a like silk =].   Which colors did you guys get from the OMG collection? I wished I would of gotten more of these.  The only bad thing about these holo graphic or micro glitter nail polish is their staying power, there isn't any! This would chip within a day with no extensive use of my hands which is a bummer. I wished this would had a better lasting power because this would look great on the toesy!


By the way I just got comcast internet and all I can say is WOW! ALL my photos took 10 seconds if not less to load...  WOW WOW WOW. Usually it would take me 3-5 minutes on AT&T DSL

Anyway I hope you guys like the swatch and mini review! 

Amanda N


  1. So glad your internet is all fixed and working well.

    All I can say about this polish is holy hologram! I missed out on this collection, which is definitely a bummer. This looks so futuristic!