Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ombre nails - Nude

Hey guys! I took a full afternoon to do a bunch of swatches.  At first, my initial idea was to swatch different shades of colors on my nails to so I can show you guys the comparison between nudes, blues, pinks, greens and so on but then the more I look at it, it reminded me of an ombre nails that's been in this summer.

Basically this will be a two in one post kind of thing.  I the order of the polish and the color on my nails a opposite..sorry.

Here are the colors I used starting from the thumb.

  1. Essie- Jackie Oh My -it is a very white nude shade. Very sheer.. this took me three coats and I can still see some bald spots. I think this color needs to thicken up a bit for the 2-3 coats to work.
  2. Essie- Topless and barefoot- one of my favorite nudes. The consistency is medium to thick.  This only took 2 coats to get this opaque.  This has a pink undertone.
  3. OPI- Get me to the Taj on time- I cant wait for this color to become thicker because I heard it will be easier to polish and will take less coats.  I really do like this color but it is too sheer, this took me 3 coats.  This color looks really close to essie topless and barefoot but more sheer.
  4. Essie Jazz- I really like this color. This is a brown undertone nude very pretty and opaque. Only took 2 coats to get the color of the bottle.
  5. Mark- Stay neutral ( I got this from a giveaway from Liliana Lopez)  This color is different from all the other nude. it has more of an orange undertone and with pink  shimmer. The shimmer is very fine so it makes it hard to see. This took 2 coats.

I hope you guys enjoy the swatch and review!  Stay tune for a purple ombre nails next !


  1. This is great! I love all of them but I really want to buy the one by OPI!
    -Adriana Little Petite

  2. I love Ombre nails but I don't have enough colors in the same family to do that. Looks great though! I have Sand Tropez from the same collection as Topless and barefoot and I love it!