Saturday, July 16, 2011

Butterfly award!

Hey Ladies! Ive been tagged in this Butterfly Award by Veronica from Chic and Shiny and I want to thank her for tagging me and exposing me to the blogger community =].

The Rules:
1. Link the person back who awarded you
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Answer the following questions below
4. Award this to 15 bloggers
Seven things about me: 
1. Im a math and economics major
2. I've been with my boyfried for 7 and a half years
3. scared deathly of spiders, big or small 
4. I watch way too much TV
5. I love to get new electronics
6. I love reading
7. I love any romantic comedies ,marvel movies, and pixar

Name your favorite color: Blue and Green
Name your favorite song: it changes all the time but I love the 80's music
Name your favorite dessert: Ice cream.. any ice cream will do 
What pisses you off: ERR everything hahaha I have a very short fuse, but mostly is when people dont use common sense..... the list goes on.. I can be here all day LOL
When you're upset you: blow up my boyfriends phone until he picks up and let me vent hahaha... I just need to vent and everything will be fine afterwards 
your favorite pet:  dogs and my 2 pet turtles =]
white or black: um okay odd question... black clothes because it makes me look slim but white because it makes the world brighter =D
Best feature : My eyes and my brain
What is perfection? perfection is when you are perfect HAHAHAHA! bet you thats the dictionary definition of Perfection =p
Guilty Pleasure: Nail polish and ice cream =]

15 Bloggers: " For the coolest blog I ever know"  no particular order
Sorry I dont Have 15.. im still new at this.


  1. Aww, congrats Amanda, and thank you so much for awarding this to me as well! You do the most amazing blogs, and you definitely deserve a lot more exposure than you're getting, but you'll get there in no time because you're just awesome :)

  2. You're welcome! I agree with Huda, you definitely deserve a lot of exposure with your blog - your nails are always so cute!! Thanks for tagging me back :) hehe Oh, and I looove math! hahaha that's awesome it's your major!

  3. Thanks huda and Veronica! your words means so much to me! I hope I get more exposure too but what little I have im happy with.

    Veronica- we should do math together hahahah JK that would be too nerdy!! =p

  4. thanks so much for the award! :) i gave you one too! i actually gave you 2 lol. check it out here