Sunday, July 10, 2011

China Glaze-Pink voltage

Hey Ladies!  Today I have a swatch for you and this is called China Glaze Pink voltage from their 2009 INK collection.  This is a neon color with blue shimmer undertone.  This formula is really sheer so I had to add a white base first before I applied Pink Voltage.  I needed 2 coats of PV on top of the white for it to show up.  I think by adding the white as the base, it made this color a lot brighter.  I really do like this color a lot! It is super bright and it makes your skin tone look fantastic.  

CON:  Either I got a bad batch or something but this polish would not dry on me after 4 hours.  I was still able to make dents in the polish.  I used Out the door top coat on top of OPI drip dry and it would not completely dry at all. It almost feels  sort of gummy on your nails.  This is a fail nail polish for me because of the time it takes to dry... this is going in the trash.  I am on the hunt for a better Neon pink nail polish because this Pink voltage isn't doing it for me.

Amanda N

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  1. What a beautiful electric pink! That's INSANE about the drying time, though. Yikes.