Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tutorial: Laser tape nails

Hey Ladies! this is my first tutorial and also my first attempt to laser nails, I hope you guys enjoy this.  I got this Idea from Nailside! if you guys want to follow her tutorial <--- theres her link =]  She gives excellent tips as well!

 First apply any base coat color.  Then you wait for it to completely dry before you add any tape to it.
 Next cut up a bunch of strip of tapes before hand so you dont have to stop and cut for each nail.  Apply the tape like crossing laser beams. I would do this on all your finger nails before I start painting. Make sure all the tape is laying flat with no air bubbles on the edge of the tape, this way the nail polish will not seep under the tape which will give crisper lines.
 Step 3. Pick a contrasting color because the laser underneath will pop out. Try to pick a color that only need one coat as well, this will work better
 After you apply the to one nail, immediately take the tape off slowly. I used a tweezer to take off the tape.  Then move to the next finger.


  1. Ouu, this looks awesome! I love the colors you chose. :)

  2. Wow, this is amazing! Thank you so much for the tutorial! It was super easy to follow :D I'm totally going to try this out later on today ^_^ Look out for my post! lol That is, if I succeed with it lol