Thursday, July 14, 2011

FAUX-NADS Image plates-

 Hey Ladies! I finally got my website! I ordered some  Faux-nads Image plates.  These are in my opinion suppose to be exactly the same as Konads image plates down to the labeling of the plates.  You get about 16 plates for 18.48 with free shipping! I actually paid a little extra so I can get a tracking number since it was shipping from Singapore.  This took about 2 weeks to deliver to me which was pretty fast being that its from a different continent lol.  I had to email them about my tracking number which was not a good thing... Shouldn't they just send it out to you through email anyway?  But she emailed back really fast saying sorry she tried emailing me but it was a wrong email address.... but whatever I got my stuff LOL.  

I think this is such a great deal! They look exactly like Konad plates but with out the konad logo on it and the white paper on the back of the plates.   The plates without the paper on the back is a bit sharp but nothing to harmful.  Regular Konad plates runs about 6.99 a plate and these plates at born pretty runs about roughly $1 somethin. Wallet friendly =]

I also got a set of Faux-nads on Amazon from Buddle Monster a while back and I got around 21 plates for 18 bucks, which was a great deal! I believe right now they have another kit that are 25 plates for around 21.99 

21 plates:

25 plates:

"Konads" plates:  

To use this plates you would need their tools to transfer the image which you can get at for a really low price or on

What this Kit came with : m56,m59,m60,m61,m64,m65,m66,m69,m71,

 Came in individual wrappers

 It came with a blue sticky thing on the plate to prevent it from scratching but it peels off and it gives you a nice untouched stainless steel plate.

As you can see, I have 2 of the same plates, one was from konad a while back and in this kit it came with one as well.  Click to enlarge and you can see the detailing on both. Looks almost the same if not identical.

I hope you enjoy this post and find it helpful!


Amanda N

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