Wednesday, July 6, 2011

OPI blue and turquoise Shatter polish haul

Hey Ladies!  I finally got my hands of OPI new Shatter colors! I been eying these two colors since they came out and finally I found them for really cheap, $4.50 a pop! Well my mom has her cosmetology license so I used her discounts  HAHA.  In the photos it might look the same but it is not the same shade, some how my camera does not like to take pictures of the color blues =]. Anyway I have not use this yet but I hope the formula is a lot better than the silver shatter by them.  Watch out for swatches of these soon!

Amanda N


  1. OMG You're so lucky you got them at the discount price! That's awesome! The colors look super pretty. Can't wait to see them being used!

  2. I saw the turquoise shatter at Ulta over the weekend on hold for someone and it was the last one :( The color is so pretty. That's awesome you got a discount on them too.