Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Halloween nails- Bones and Haunted house!

I did these in the past week and a half but forgot to post them so now I will post both!  The quality isn't so great because it was taken from my iphone. I will start using my regular camera when I do another nail designs.
The first nail I wanted to do was Bones, just plain bones with no blood; then I added blood on the bones to make it more spooky because it is Halloween nails after all.  For people with bigger nail bed, this design would look great because you could add more bones to make it look like a pattern nail design.

I used a black base nail polish from Wet n Wild and dotting tool in white polish from sinful colors to make the bone shape.

This week I decided to do haunted nails ,then again I do apologies if it did not turn out to well. Im a little rusty as you guys could already tell how little I have posted this year.

I hope you guys like my designs =]

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