Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mummy Toesie!

Hey Ladies,

So I was asked by my lovely mother if I could do some Halloween nail art on her toes and I couldn't pass it up! I always told her that I wish I had an extra set of hand so I could do more nail art HAHA!  I decided to do a mummy nail for her big toes because I have never done that before and it was really easy/cute. All I did was painted her big toes white and the rest black with nubar 2010 nail polish on top of it to give it more depth.  Then lastly added random stripes on the the toes to make it look like bandages.  At the last minute she saw that I had cute spider on my nail designed and asked me if I could fit one on one of her toes. That is it! 

Anyway I hope you guys like this design!

Amanda N

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