Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Animal Print series: Tiger nails

Hey ladies! So my last post was Giraffe nails and I wanted to stick to the Animal Print theme for a little while before I'm tired of it.
At first my next animal print was going to be snow leopard but it did not turn out good.. The silver I used for the leopard print did not show up very well against the white base and.. yeah it was not pretty.

I never done tiger nails before but I think this turned out pretty cool. Some of the stamping messed up on the tiger stripes but its okay.. I did not want to take it off to start over.

 So what I did was a gradient background color so it would look like a true tiger body and then I added the stripe to it.


  1. I first applied China glaze- Breakin as an over base coat 
  2.  I then sponge on the tips to the middle of my nail with China glaze-Solar power
  3. Lastly I use Wet and Wild- sunny side up to blend in the two colors by sponging it in the middle up to the china glaze- breakin
  4. Then I use my Stamp from konad and stamped on the tiger stripes
  5. Out the door top coat

I hope you guys enjoy this look!


Amanda N


  1. Rawwwwrrrrrr! hehe This is freaken awesome! I want some tiger nails too. Gurl I can't figure out how to follow you on here.

  2. So cute!! I love the way you graduated the color of orange. Very pretty! I can't decide what I like more, tiger or giraffe.

  3. these are amazing!!! I love them!! I havent thought of tiger print, I may have to do that along with giraffe print!:D

  4. @pang : thanks girl! it didnt take me long so you should do it heheh i would like to see.. Um you can click the follow button on top of the page left corner.. usually i dont see the follow button for tother people either but i just look on top and their is usually a default follow button

  5. @ jesse: thanks girl.. ehehe that was last minute thing and I thought it looked so much like a tiger fur=]

  6. @paint that nail: Thanks =] yeah ive been trying to do different animal print and these I havent seen much of so I gave it a go =]