Monday, August 1, 2011

Animal Print series: Giraffe nails

Hey guys! This is what I have on my nails for the last couple of days.  Originally I wanted to do Giraffe nails because of the image plate print but the more I look at it it looks like a sick cow nails LOL!  Oh well... I know giraffe spots are more defined but my hand is not steady enough to do that. Maybe next time. Next time I think I will use the same image plate to do Cows nails or something because I think this is the spots for cow nails but I cant say its My cow nails because of the color combination I used. I really want to do marbling next  so stay tune for that =]

So what I used :

  • Nail tek as my base coat because this helps me with chipping and peeling nails
  • China glaze lemon fizz - this is a pastel yellow. I use this color because of the giraffe body color
  • for the spots I used milani teddy bare as the spots.  Milani - Teddy Bare is a good dupe for Chanel- Particuliere
  • Out the door top coat.

Amanda N


  1. Very creative! It's so pretty :)

  2. hahahah a sick cow! I like it tho its cute!! I really want to try giraffe print now! I think you have inspired me!!! thanks!!!
    I gave you some awards as well, they are on my blog<3

  3. to make it look less like a sick cow bahahaha, you could use like a more golden base and a little darker brown spots! kinda like these colors

  4. Im really liking this animal print series...keep posting them! I could use some ideas :)

  5. hahahah chels that means i gotta get more polishes =p!!!