Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cupcake nails

 Hey Ladies! I wanted to break away from the animal print series for a little bit because I dont know what print to do next but today I got a fun happy mani for you =]

 As I was browsing on nail blogs, I came across this cupcake cake nail and I thought it was the cutest thing ever.  Even though my cupcake did not come out nicely, I think it will get better the more practice I get.  Each nail, I wanted to do different colors.. This nail looks busy but it is really fun to wear during summer because its bright and colorful... and who doesn't like cupcakes? Why not put it on your nails.  I was intentionally going to do a step my step tutorial but I failed at taking pictures HAHAHAH =p

Anyway ,this was a very easy nail art.. it took me 30 minutes because each layer needed to be dry before you can add more layers to it. I think everyone can do this look because the only tool I used was bobby pin or dotting tools.  What else do you need? well a bunch of cute colored nail polish .. one for each of your fingers.

What to do:

  1.  First pick a base color .. make sure you pick the base colors that will be contrasting colors as your frosting of your cupcake or it will not stand out. I picked OPI-teenage dream but it was not vibrant enough so next time I think i might pick another color. (First Photo)
  2. Paint the tips of check of your nail almost half way down the middle of your nails.  Wait for that to completely dry or dry enough to add some stripes to the colored tips.
  3. Stripes for the colored tips.. I picked contrasting colors and used a dotting tool to paint it on. When using the dotting tools, it gives it more of a raggy line which looks more realistic.
  4. When the tips are dry, start adding the frosting to the nails. What I did with the frosting was made small hills on the nails if you know what  I mean.
  5. Then after that is dry I added sprinkles and a heart glitter I got from my jordana
  6. Add a nice amount of topcoat then your finished!

I hope you guys enjoy this kiddy look!

Amanda N


  1. I just found your blog, these are absolutely adorable! Love the different colours :-)

  2. Those are just adorable! I found your blog doing a search on the OPI Katy Perry collection Teenage Dream glitter polish :-)