Monday, August 8, 2011

Pink lighting bolt nails

Hey guys! I did this nail design base on what I saw on Nailside and I wanted to try to attempt this double lighting bolt again. I tried this maybe 4 times before but never turned out good.. This actually took a really long time but I really loved how it turned out a lot. You probably cant see the gold lighting bolt in the middle but you can really see it in person.. next time I might have to try a deeper shade of gold.  I only did 3 fingers because the other two I messed up so I took it off and painted Essie cute as a button instead. I think this looks really cool!!  Will I try this nail design again? Maybe if I have more time to waste, or I could just do this on my accent nail.  I love this look because its really girly and soft..On nailside blog she did a lot of this lighting bolt design and she also did a tutorial on this so you can go check it out if you like to achieve this look.

What  I used:

  1.  Essie- Van d'go as a base coat.
  2. Essie buy me cameo as my next layer
  3. Essie- cute as a button
  4. Scotch clear tape.

I posted the photos in the order I did my thunder bolt. I hope you guys enjoy this look! Sorry for the poor quality of photos.


  1. OMG!! THATS SOOOOOO PRETTY! how did you do this? its just purely GORGEOUS! its quirky but its still kind of wearable. bravo :)

  2. definitely the best and my favorite I have seen so far!! awesome job!(:

  3. Awesome tutorial, thanks! Maybe I will try it on one finger, hehehe :D
    I love your nails, they are sooo nice! ♥

  4. New follower here! That's amazing manicure! The whole blog is awesome! I like all of your tutorials great jog! :) I'll really appreciate when you check out my blog too.Good luck in your polishing!:)