Saturday, October 15, 2011

L'Occitane en provence Hand Cream

Hey Ladies, today I will do a small review on my new favorite hand cream.  I recently got this from Sephora about 3 days ago and I couldn't  be more happier with my purchase.  I got this hand cream because I wanted a good quality hand cream where it would moisturize without feeling greasy .  This cream sink into your hand almost instantly which was one of the key perks about this product; it did not leave any greasy film behind which I find a lot in other hand cream.  My mom has very dry hands which cracks and bleed as well so I hope this hand cream will continue to amaze me because I will definitely get this for my mom for Christmas.

I only got the traveling size tube, which is around $10 for a 30ml ( 1 oz). The biggest size they have is 5.2 oz for $26.  Yes, I know its a little pricy but I promise it will be worth it and plus you only need a small amount ( about a pea size, anything beyond that will be too much).  This product is infused with 20% Shea butter and I believe this the important ingredient to the hand cream.. Yes I can just go get Shea butter which will be cheaper but it will be too greasy to my liking.  This is a very thick cream as you can see in the photo I provided below. The smell is uber amazing! If you're a fan of baby Johnson baby ( pink bottle) lotion smell then you will love this because it smells very similar if not identical to that.  I love the packaging . It reminds me of tooth paste and the consistency is around the same.  This product makes your hands really baby bottom soft =D.  It lingers on your hand for a long time even if you wash your hands multiple times through out the day.  I really hope you guys enjoy this review and check out the product. You can get this at Sephora or at their store.  l'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

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