Sunday, June 26, 2011

Essie- Absolutely Shore swatch

This is taken in the sunlight

Hey Ladies! For today I got a swatch of Essie Absolutely shore from their latest Braziliant collection.  I would describe this color more of a sea foam green color than a minty green color. It is a lot lighter than a minty green from China glaze re-fresh mint.  The formula is a bit streaky on the first coat but by the second coat it was fully opaque. The consistency was not bad, it was not too thick nor was it thin, I think it was perfect in consistency.  I really do like this color! Surprisingly how light this color was, I did not think it would look good on my yellowish skin but it did.

                                                This was taken in the sunlight.
                                            I think this is very close to the color.
                                                                    Second coat




I hope you guys like the swatch.


Amanda N


  1. it looks seriously gorgeous! im still on the hunt for this! :)

  2. The color reminds me of OPI Skulls & Glossbones