Friday, June 24, 2011

First gradient nails

Hey Ladies! This is my first time attempting  gradient nails. I think the blending and the color choices are importing in achieving this look.  I really like this look and believe the color combinations are very spring/ summer.  I wanted to added something to give this nail a little more dimension so I added flowers from a stamping plate. Given this is my first time trying this, my blending was not that good =]

Stuff I used to get this look :

In the photos are the order I applied the color -- 
  • China glaze- St tropez
  • China glaze- For Audrey
  • Essie - Coat Azure
  • China Glaze-Spontaneous

I used a make up sponge to applied the colors. using the sponge makes it easier to blend because it applies the color a lot more sheer than just painting it on with the brush.

Next I used BundleMonster (  imagine plate with the  " daisy" floweron it from BM 16 plate

Then I applied any glitter topcoat and then  used Yellow acrylic paint to put in the middle of the flowers
 After everything was dry, I applied Out the Door top coat and VOILA!


I hope you enjoy and thanks for reading =]


Amanda N


  1. Pretty! I'm loving your nail designs, girl :) You're really talented.

  2. complicated and meticulous process that will produce beautiful work. really look beautiful.


  4. @ pleasure amazing place Wow that is such a nice comment! I really appreciate it =]

  5. @ A. Leung Thanks girl! hehehe you get to see the design way before everyone else =]

  6. I absolutely love this. You are so talented! I'm trying to follow you but I don't think you enabled that option.

  7. this is gorgeous. I WISH when i used the konad plates it would turn out this nice.

  8. oh wow!! this is really pretty!