Thursday, June 23, 2011

NOTM: Essie Nice is Nice with Teenage Dream

Hey guys! This will be my first Blog and post of 2011! Basically I will be posting nail art or nail polish swatches.  I hope you guys enjoy my posts =]!

 Earlier today, I had this on my nail but I took it off because I came up with a bright idea by adding something to it and totally messing it up.. Boo me!

Anyway back to the color.. What I have on as a base coat is Essie Nice is Nice, I applied two coats of that and one coat of OPI Teenage dream on top. I really do like how it turned out. Doesn't look like it could be an OPI DS nail polish color?! I think so!!  Let me know what you guys think of this combination! I got this idea from a blogger  whos link is below:

Shes super creative and really good, so good that I redid two of her nail designs! Will post the other one up soon!

 This is what I added on after and did not like so I took it off =[
What I used:
Konad Stamp M 57
Acrylic Paint in assorted colors to fill in the circles.

Later you guys will see I am not original HAHAHA! I love dupes and recreating nail designs, just  a heads up!

 Amanda N


  1. Amanda! It's so good to see you again. I've missed you, and missed seeing your posts. I'm so glad you've decided to do a blog here :) I'm definitely looking forward to more posts from you! As for the nail design, it is SO pretty and girly! Love it :)

  2. Huda I missed you too! I miss seeing you on post! now I can find you better when Im following you on here =]

  3. I'm so excited you decided to start a blog! You're so great at doing nails and Nice is Nice with Teenage Dream is an excellent combo. I can't wait to see what else you come up with :)

  4. Keep up the great work gurl. Having a blog here was a great idea cause we know how freaken slow luuux is, heheheh.

  5. @pang seriously! it takes me at least 20 mins just to post and load pix on and here it takes me 5 mins hahaha loving this blog thing