Thursday, June 30, 2011

My first OPI DS nail polish!

Hey Ladies this is my first OPI ds nail polish and it is called DS EXTRAVAGANCE! OMG this is the best color out of the whole collection of DS, in my opinion of course!  I am so happy that I got my first DS colors.  I cant believe I waited this long to get this color any of the ds! Before I thought ew ds looks like for old people but I guess im getting older and my taste has changed hahahaha.  This is a pretty micro glitter with holographic nail polish. .. What do you guys think of this color? Do you own it..

I got this for $ 6.50  I think usually this is 15 bucks?   Swatch and a review of this color coming up stay tuned!


Thanks for reading =]

Amanda N


  1. Wow, I totally agree with you. This is definitely the prettiest nail polish color I've seen lately! But $15? That's outrageous lol

  2. I KNOW im so glad my mom could get it for more than half off =]